Karin Horen's journey of resilience, personal development, and professional success has garnered significant attention from the press and media. Explore the articles, interviews, and features that showcase Karin's inspiring story and expertise.


Karin's insights and experiences have been featured in a variety of publications and media outlets, including:

  • New Zealand Herald : Karin's journey as a cancer survivor and her contributions to cancer rehabilitation programs have been covered extensively in this leading publication.
  • Radio New Zealand : Karin has been a guest on various radio programs, sharing her wisdom on topics ranging from personal growth to business advancement.
  • Women's Health Magazine : Karin's story has been highlighted in Women's Health, where she has shared her insights on holistic well-being and resilience.
  • Business News Daily : As an expert in marketing and sales, Karin's advice and strategies have been featured in articles focused on business growth and success.
  • For media inquiries, interviews, or collaboration opportunities, please contact Karin Horen's team. Karin is available to share her story and expertise with a global audience.

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