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I get asked this a lot

If you still have some questions, have a look at my FAQ

What can I learn from you that is different from other speakers or coaches?

I became resilient through experience and self educated myself for many years before taking a step as a coach. I combined the tools and systems learned from Healthy Thinking Coaching with advanced Business coaching, integrating my University studies with personal experiences in overcoming adversity.

My calling is to assist people. The knowledge I've acquired is valuable and practical. While I continue to grow and learn daily, my unique journey, including military service, experiences in war, overcoming breast cancer, and engaging in philanthropy, has shaped who I am today. Sharing my story is my way of giving back.

Sharing my narrative has been an exceptionally enriching experience. Observing the impact on individuals' expressions has underscored the realization that I possess distinctive skills.

How long are your speaking engagements ?

Usually my speaking engagements include Q and A, and therefore they can take between 30 minutes and an hour.

I am also an MC/event host, and many times I get asked to speak and MC and host at the same event, which requires more hours on stage and work behind the scenes.

These events can lead to 1 on 1 or further group coaching.

What do you like sharing the most ?

I know that sharing my breast cancer story is fundamentally a calling for me. I'm passionate about helping women, and thoroughly enjoy sharing my Healthy thinking coaching tools, and the Paddle For Hope story.

Philanthropy has been a huge part of my life and speaking about it leaves a legacy and can really inspire others to take active part in community events and helping others.

What is the level of investment for your coaching and public speaking ?

My coaching sessions are delivered in a package of a minimum of six sessions.

All coaching can be tailored for a group or individuals and will be quoted by request.

Public speaking for corporates - The investment level will be quoted by request, and tailored.